RELATORE-HMS: The Best Hospital Management Solution


RELATORE-HMS is a revolutionary hospital or clinic management software that is fully automatic. It provides paperless solutions for a wide range of clinical, administrative processes and management problems. It is the future of hospital management and helps medical institutions to operate smoothly.

The integrated clinic management software provides detailed information across the medical institution to support all processes such as appointment, registration, queue control, clinic administration, lab, patient care, insurance processing and creating invoices swiftly. Since it is a 100% paperless system, people can track it without the fear of losing the files. Besides, it becomes convenient to pay the bills through cashless methods if covered by insurance.

The mention-worthy features of RELATORE-HMS that make it a reliable software management product are as follows.

  • End to end automation
  • Easy Check-in
  • Insurance Management


The mention-worthy features of RELATORE-HMS that make it a reliable software management product are as follows.

  • End to end automation : It has integrated software that provides relevant information across the clinic or the hospital. People can make an informed and practical decision regarding a patient's care with its help. Besides, people can collect all relevant information for each patient's care and administration with its use.
  • Easy Check-in : The management and the doctors need to check a patient's information frequently. Missing data can lead to confusion and sometimes mistakes in handling them. Hence, providing correct information and an easy check-in process is crucial to run the system. RELATORE-HMS helps to do that. Furthermore, doctors can directly read the date and see the image from the EID, and it makes it simpler to search for an existing patient's details.
  • Insurance Management: It is no longer a hassle to process and manage insurance claims and process it. The hospital authorities can quickly check a patient's insurance authorisation, submission, payment, etc., with the help of RELATORE-HMS.

Important Modules of RELATORE-HMS


The software helps you to manage all the inpatients and the outpatients categorically. They are easily accessible if you type out their name, and you can also register new people with the excellent integrated software, RELATORE-HMS.

Online Consultations

Online consultations have immense importance in the medical structure, and RELATORE-HMS makes it easy to prescribe medicine, follow-ups, refills, and give health advice to all patients without any confusion. The doctor and the patient can benefit from it simultaneously.

Nurse Work Bench

The nursing staff can also benefit from it since they can record the patients' vital signs and allow restricted access to prescriptions, lab results, orders, and documents to selected staff.

Electronic Medical Records or EMR

An individual patient's details and records will be categorically stored in the software and the staff and look it up with easy search engines.

Invoice management

Any authorised person can create a new invoice and keep track of all invoices with the software. Hence insurance payment tracking, cash, cashless, credit card, or bank transfers become possible with RELATORE-HMS. Thus, medical care will become accessible to more and more people in need.

Laboratory results

There is no longer any need to wait for days to wait for the hard copy of the lab results. The lab analysts can input the results directly to the database, and the doctors can access them automatically.


The medical staff and the patients can take charge of their medical and financial reports. The software allows people to print their respective invoices and information, and it is also easy to export soft copies elsewhere.


With the help of the pharmacy module, the pharmacists can dispense the prescription medication and other drugs with their permission easily. All can keep track of it with the software.


We understand that the patients are our future, and when they need some change in the entire system, it is time to change them to meet their needs. Let us take a step towards a positive medical care system that brings a ray of hope to the difficult times.

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