Medical coding and billing

Medical billing and their coding are two very closely relatable aspects in the modern health care industry. As both the important methods are involved for the reimbursement cycle, which would be ensuring that all the providers for health care are paid timely for the services they accomplish.

Medical coding is a bit similar to this translation. As a coder translates for the doctor’s prescriptions, and their different medical procedures, outpatient procedures, and many more much accurately as possible into the numeric form or alphanumeric code that could enters them into a form of any software program.

Medical billers can even take this information from many different medical codes and all the bill they make is for the insurance company that is called as a claim. The medical biller also performs a function that can act a sort of a waypoint for differentiating in the patients, healthcare providers, and also for the insurance companies.


We also provide our experts with their professional knowledge to learn about the practices and methods to take over all the claims related tasks and also adopt/ implement the best practices to benefit their clients. Our services specially includes-

  • Reviewing of Claims and the Auditing
  • Medically Coding as per the standards
  • Claim Submission and then its Resubmission
  • Reconciliation & all the Revenue Cycle Management
  • Denial and the Rejection Analysis

We hereby treat each and every client as per our valued business with the collaboration and pay a very special attention to all. We all also strive for providing our best kind of services and even align ourselves to achieve our aim and organizational objectives on behalf of all the clients engaged with us. We also provide our customers with the customized and tailor-made clinically coded services aimed as to reduce the costs, denials, and further maximizing your net revenue.

The certified and professional coders in our team are also experts in both the Inpatient and Outpatient for clinically coding especially including DSL, CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10AM, ICD-10 CM, and EM.


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