Marketing & Research

Marketing research is the standardized collection, compilation, and interpretation of statistics on the advertisement of goods and services.

We at Relatore Solutions support a firm in developing and maintaining its advertising and management tactics.

It empowers the organization to launch new items into the marketplace. It facilitates the development of different economies.


Here are a few highlights of our fields of specialization:

Analysis Regarding consumers behavior

We deploy efficient and reliable consumer research solutions to encourage firms in comprehending customer impressions, consumption patterns, preferences, and other relevant opinions. Usage and Attitude Studies, Customer Satisfaction Studies, Target Consumer Profile Research, Buying Behavior Research, and Tracking Studies are among some of the technologies currently offered.

Analysis Regarding the current business situation

Via a variety of customized market analysis tools, we help an organization to achieve accurate choices to survive the avalanche of the competitive environment. Our operational specialists and business analyzers work collaboratively to evaluate data and modify it into 'knowledge' that significantly helps our client group. Trade Surveys, Competition analysis, Market share/ potential/ size estimation & Mystery Shopping are among the methods utilized.

Analysis of Product Relevancy

When there is a degree of uncertainty or ambiguity about the significance of a newly introduced product, we at Relatore Solutions assist in developing a suitable viewpoint with our customer feedback options, tactical planning, and unparalleled work and effort.Product research tools incorporate concept and product testing, brand positioning studies, packaging tests, and price sensitivity assessments, among others.

Brand Marketing Research

We take pride in creating the proper professional promotional activities and guaranteeing that it targets the intended target demographic. The media campaign may even be examined in advance to minimize any sort of potential hiccup, allowing for an uncomplicated decision of a suitable course of action. We also acquire insight on how the advertising and promotion or tagline was received by customers and implement the right adjustments.Methods employed included ad campaign pre-testing and analysis of ad campaign performance.

Media Analysis

We facilitate advertisers in understanding exactly the consumer characteristics using readership/viewership surveys. These studies shed clarity on the social connections between readers' socioeconomic characteristics and their study, letting marketers identify the perfect media platforms to communicate their product's pitch. Readership/TV viewership analyses are implemented as tools.

Survey into Public Opinion Research

When it comes to measuring public opinion, we have the expertise and relevant competence. We contrast the planned and current brand images to observe where and how they coincide or vary from each other. Prior to launching a media campaign, the analysis would read between the lines and contribute to forming an insightful brand marketing framework for strengthening the brand name. Corporate Image/Perception Study, Public Relations Campaign Evaluation, Political poll & opinion survey are among some of the benefits delivered.

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