Insurance E-Claim Services

Integrating professional experience and competence to claim filings raises productivity and economic advantages pretty significantly. Health services certainly win from reduced expenses and may commence maximizing productivity and profitability immediately now. With the massive expenses that are mounting up these days, Relatore’s insurance e-claim services will help tremendously.

Our back-office professionals know exactly how to handle administrative functions on your behalf and make your work easy, including evaluating and enforcing payer adjustments, tracking down bills, monitoring rejections, and making improvements for all of our clientele.

You may be completely convinced that our well-trained and certified medical coders and insurance professionals will successfully complete your task quickly and efficiently.

The following are some of the services that we offer.

  • Claim Submission & Resubmission
  • Reconciliation
  • Denial Management
  • Claims' Auditing
  • Medical Records and Documentation
  • Medical necessity compliance checks before submission

Claim Submission & Resubmission

When you resubmit a claim, you can technically set up a new claim and present it to the payer. When the claim is processed, the payer views it as a new claim. We guarantee that the overall operation runs as smoothly as possible.


This procedure is carried out utilizing spreadsheets or printouts and rulers to emphasize areas of concern or inconsistency. This makes the entire operation go more seamlessly and saves so much time.

Updating CPT Coded Price list to Insurance Companies

CPT codes (current procedural terminology) are vital aspects of the health insurance accounting process. Our certified medical coders will update your CPT coded price list and get the approval from the TPA / Insurance Company.

Denial Management

We at Relatore Solutions assist in finding and addressing errors that caused claims to be dismissed by insurance companies and implementing the appropriate protective measures.We also characterize denials dependent on their rationale, source, consequence, and other tangible things.

Claims' Auditing

We possess all of the necessary instruments to guide you in claiming the auditing. Our services are fully comprehensive, and we absolutely guarantee that you will have no grounds to worry. The entire process will be hassle free.

Medical Records and Documentation

We provide all the facilities to keep your medical records well documented and well maintained so that you can avail them at the appropriate moment. This feature comes really handy when managing insurance claim.

Medical necessity compliance checks before submission

Before filing the claim and proceeding with the entire method, we fairly extensively confirm the regulatory compliance and your medical requirements. Select the service, and Relatore Solutions will deliver it to you on a silver platter.

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