Facility Setup & Administration

This is where our assistance comes in. Our highly qualified staff is well-versed in the guidelines and standards necessary for the legal establishment of the healthcare facility. If you are experiencing severe difficulties in setting up your healthcare facility and rushing from door to door to acquire the approval, do not worry. We at Relatore Solutions have got your back.

  • Establishing a healthcare facility is a complex and tricky challenge that takes the communication and cooperation of many specialized fields and a comprehensive grasp of the planning, administration, design, and other technical elements.
  • An adequate healthcare facility built in Dubai, UAE, may involve permissions from multiple authorities such as the municipality, DHA, HAAD, or MOH. This may be perplexing for those unfamiliar with UAE health regulations.

Why should you consider us above all others?

Time is of the utmost priority, and we make sure our client's time is not squandered away on unnecessary tasks. We ensure that all necessary documentation is completed and that all licensing requirements are completely satisfied.

Our staff will coordinate everything from start to finish, saving you significant time and resources by accelerating the process and making the necessary approach from the beginning. With over 15 years of expertise in the health sector, we avoid trial and error, favouring a realistic strategy that yields positive consequences.

We have the proper experience in the field and precisely understand what to do to enable you to set up the healthcare centre and offer assistance to any patients in distress.The primary purpose of delivering this service is to SAVE TIME for our clients. We recognize the Necessity of time in UAE and how the rent and other expenditures keep going through the roof. We submit 50-100 applications per month and are conversant with all of the supporting documentation and prerequisites for the official approval of your healthcare facility.

Collaborating with us promises that you will obtain all certifications promptly, with no or few prospects of refusal. Additionally, we can supervise the complete turnkey process and support with the following:

Recruitment of staff

We at Relatore Solutions assist you in making the proper evaluation when hiring employees so that you can deliver premium level medical services to all of your patients.


We make an effort to guarantee that the interiors are adequately prepared to facilitate you in your activities.

Municipality approvals

Obtaining municipal permissions is a difficult task, but with the proper paperwork, it is convenient, and we can offer assistance to you with that.

Sourcing of Machines and Equipment's

At Relatore Solutions, we will help you locate a reliable provider that promises the equipment's good operation and other required supplies to provide smooth and efficient services to your patients.

Management and training

We extensively advise you on how to operate your healthcare centre and offer your recruits the training required.

Media and Marketing

Marketing and media are pivotal to the sustenance of any company, and you can be confident that at Relatore Solutions, all your advertising and marketing will be handled.

You can reach us for any solution